Wreck of a Fine Man

Details & Credits

Produced by Mike Brown. Engineered and Mixed by Mike Brown at Temperamental Recordings in Geneseo, NY and various house, cabins, old hotels and rehearsal spaces in the great states of Oregon and California. Tracks 3 and 5 engineered by Chandler Pratt at The Kitchen Table in Oakdale, CA. Mastered by Mike Vizcarra at The Cave in Laurel Canyon, CA.
© 2010 Hillgrass Bluebilly Records
All songs by Tom VandenAvond © TVAGB SONGS (BMI)
Art Direction by Ben Valentin. Photos by Aracelia Lozano.


Mike Brown, Mike Witcher, Joey Henry, Kody Oh, Brook Blanche, Jeshua and Jamin Marshall, Andrew ‘Rod’ Carew, Ian Cook, Kirk Skatvold, Dallin Bulkley, Willy Tea, Scotty Macdougall